We meet across tables, between corner bar stools, and at open kitchen counters. We laugh over glasses of wine, share vulnerabilities between courses, and maybe even fall in love before dessert, if only for a moment. 

My name is Molly Tavoletti. I'm a photographer. I'm a story teller. I'm a New Yorker. 

For me, food is about so much more than eating—it's perhaps the most joyful thing about being alive. From a time when I could barely see over the counter with my grandmother, hand-filling ravioli on a late September Sunday, to eating through marathon Brooklyn brunches that turn to afternoon cocktails and late-night pizza runs, food perpetuates as my constant. It's the sole sensory memory that instantly triggers a moment in time and the flood of feelings attached to it.

These are the experiences I've shared for the past two years through my eyes and with my voice, but now it's time to share the other side—the stories of the countless incredible humans I've crossed paths with, from Across a Table.